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Business Market Research Company


Put yourself in the right hands with the market research company that delivers targeted information which never fails to make an impact.

Redshift Research is a full-service market research agency. No matter what your industry sector, we have the experience and expertise to provide the on-point intelligence that ensures your business always stays ahead of the curve.We supply tailored audience insight and in-depth data analysis covering both consumer and business market research both in the UK and abroad.

Our team of approachable senior research professionals have the expertise to provide creatively bespoke yet affordable solutions that suit your exact needs - from designing and managing research to analysing data sets, working with senior management and even taking care of your market research function in its entirety.

Whether you need to know how a new product, brand or service will be received, or want to understand consumer behaviours and turn research into a tactical business tool, our experienced team of specialists will deliver the information that gives your company the right steer.

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We do research for business - we use a range of techniques to explore original, public, social and digital data to find answers to your business problems.
Whether you’re looking for content for a client’s media campaign or need objective insight into a brand’s perceptions, message resonance, media consumption habits or to prove campaign ROI we can help.
Our own international panel Crowdology means we can access over 554,000 people in the UK and 7.1 million people globally, enabling us to produce cost-effective, fast results. Alternatively, ask us about our research communities.
Sometimes putting a brief together or scoping out what you need is the hardest part of research so if you want to know what’s feasible or simply need a bit of advice give us a call. We’re not geeks and always happy to help in a language you’ll understand.